Chesapeake Farm to Table is an online farmers market of locally grown and produced food. We make it possible for farmers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food in the Baltimore area. Farmers benefit from the marketing, selling, packaging, and delivering of their produce and prepared foods. Our marketplace brings fresh, healthy, locally grown and produced food to you, the buyer, in a cost-effective manner on a weekly basis.

Chesapeake Farm to Table's mission is to help build more profitable sustainable small-scale agriculture in our region. We are a farmer-owned, farmer-managed online marketplace for purchasing high-quality, local and sustainably grown produce. Learn more at Ordering from Chesapeake Farm to Table helps to build and support our community, and to preserve our precious agricultural land for future use. 


Visit our Product List page to see what is available. We're growing and so is our product list. Check the website weekly for new items.


PRODUCERS! Are you a local farmer looking for an opportunity to reach out to our community? Register as a Producer and let us know what you are interested in selling through the Market.

CUSTOMERS! Would you prefer to buy fresh healthy food from local farmers? Are you interested in reducing your carbon footprint?  If you're ready, Register as a Customer And join our Email List to stay informed about Chesapeake Farm to Table.

PLACE YOUR ORDER!  Order before midnight on Sunday for Tuesday delivery or before midnight on Tuesday for Thursday delivery.  You can expect your delivery to arrive between 11 am and 5 pm.


If you are in the Baltimore area, we'll come to you!  Just sign up and choose "residential delivery".  We have several area "drop spots" that do not require an order minimum.

Zone A (Customers with Baltimore City and  Baltimore County addresses): $60 order minimum with a $12 delivery fee. Orders below the minimum subject to a $20 delivery fee.

Zone B (Customers in Carroll and Harford Counties):  Orders greater than $150 are subject to a $15 delivery fee.  Orders between $100 and $150 are subject to a $35 delivery fee.  No orders under $100 will be accepted.

Zone C (Customers not included in Zones A or B): Deliveries unavailable at this time.

Pick up Locations

Union Craft Brewery 1700 41st Street.  Thursdays only. No order minimum, $3 delivery fee

Motzi Bread 2801 Guilford Ave.  Tuesdays only. No order minimum, $3 delivery fee

414 Light Street.  For residents of 414 Light Street only.  No order minimum, $10 delivery fee

Wanna be a pick up location?  Please email your request to