Good Dog Farm
Contact: Joanna Winkler + Bryan Alexander
Address: 17318 Masemore Road Parkton, MD, 21120
Email Address:
Phone: 443-491-8175
About Us
Good Dog Farm is a 5-acre sustainable vegetable farm in Parkton, Maryland that provides sustainably-grown produce to the Baltimore region. Our goal is to supply delicious, nutritious food at a fair price that is accessible to a wide range of customers through primarily wholesale markets. We hope to reach customers who want to buy local food but don't always have the time or resources to access it. We aim to continue expanding markets for sustainably-grown food in the city we know and love while building a new rural community in Parkton, MD.
We take seriously the health of our soils, waterways, and communities, and we are currently pursuing USDA Organic and GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) demonstrate that commitment. We’re in our first full year as independent Farmers-Owners, but together have over a decade’s experience working for and managing other organic operations.