Good Dog Farm
Contact: Joanna Winkler + Bryan Alexander
Address: 4124 Black Rock Rd Upperco, MD, 21155
Email Address:
Phone: 443-491-8175
About Us
Good Dog Farm is a 25-acre certified organic vegetable farm in Parkton, Maryland that provides organic produce to the Baltimore region. We supply our customers in the Baltimore region with delicious, nutritious food of the highest quality. We are certified USDA Organic and use sustainable growing practices to protect our soil and waterways. We founded the farm in June of 2016. We grow vegetables year-round thanks to our three high tunnels. Our farm provides a diversity of crops for our Community Supported Agriculture program plus unique varieties of storage crops like potatoes, winter squash and sweet potatoes. Our name comes from our shared love of our two dogs, who remind us to live simply and have fun every day.
We take seriously the health of our soils, waterways, and communities, and we are currently pursuing USDA Organic and GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) demonstrate that commitment. Together Bryan and Joanna have over a decade’s experience working for and managing other organic farms.