Kitchen Girl Farm
Contact: Christy Ottinger, Connor Horne
Address: 18200 Bunker Hill Rd. Parkton, MD, 21120
Email Address:
Phone: 443-738-4602
About Us
Kitchen Girl Farm is a small-scale, diversified farm growing produce and pasture-raised laying hens for eggs on two plots in Baltimore County, Maryland. We specialize in humanely raised, pastured laying hens for eggs. and regional heirloom specialty vegetable varieties. We sell wholesale to Baltimore area restaurants and caterers, as well as via other small farms’ Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs.
Our produce selection reflects our southern roots, as well as our interest in regional heirlooms. We love growing varieties that excite us and our customers, and are constantly searching for what grows best in our microclimate. Our fruit and vegetables reflect the care that we put into our soil management. We know that our preservation and enhancement of soil health is of the utmost importance to our environmental sustainability, and our practices reflect that. We have chosen to become certified organic as soon as possible to show this commitment, though many of our practices go “beyond organic.”

We also raise a wide variety of heritage-breed chickens for their eggs. They live in mobile coop systems on pasture for their entire lives, and have barn access during the winter for extra shelter. Their pasture rotation is integrated with other livestock at that farm site for optimum nutrition and land management.

We plan to seek animal welfare approval as soon as possible. We believe that our birds should be allowed to live out their natural instincts to live as full of lives as possible. To us, that means decreasing our reliance on mail-order hatcheries and eventually breeding our own flocks, allowing hens to raise their own chicks. They forage on pasture daily, and roost in their coops at night. We plan to employ a small herd of alpacas as guardian animals to protect them from the local fox and coyote population.