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Cows and Grass & Grass and Cows

Bellevale Farm received its organic certification in 2008. Organic practices ensure the good health of our herd and the high quality of our milk. We prefer natural holistic remedies for the health of our cows instead of antibiotics and synthetic hormones.

Our 180 milk cows graze fresh grass day and night. They are moved twice a day to fresh fields of grass and love every minute of their natrual atmosphere and schedule.
Maintaing a grass only diet has many benefits that are transfereed into their milk.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a type of PUFA that is found naturally in milk and meat products, primarily from ruminants such as cows or sheep. CLA exhibits potent antioxidant activity, and research indicates that CLA might be protective against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Beef is one of the best dietary sources of CLA, and grass-fed beef contains an average of 2 to 3 times more CLA than grain-fed beef.
The average dairy cow on industrial farms only lives about four years, with two years milk production. We breed our cows for longevity and strong bodies, instead of high milk production so our cows will have “15 trouble-free years” of productive life.

Our milk meets premium quality standards and our cows’ health is excellent, clearly their lifestyle agrees with them.
Prigel Family creamery will process milk from Bellevale Farm into fresh, nutrient dense dairy foods from cows that graze on grass grown from organically balanced soils. We are committed to our community, to integrity in our stewardship of the land, and to humane treatment of our animals, we acknowledge our dependence on God to provide and sustain our farm to make it economically viable for future generations.