Maryland Lamb Coop
Contact: Emily Chamelin, Dan and Meredith Null
Address: 5955 Old Bohn Rd. Mt Airy, MD, 21771
Email Address:
Phone: 443-244-2702
About Us
Meredith and Emily were chatting one night about a lack of transparency in our industry and food systems. We decided to start our own co-op to sell and market our high quality, Maryland lamb. We pride ourselves on raising our lambs locally and sustainably. We want to take our customers from pasture to plate, in a very open and interactive journey. We are a small group of mostly women interested in fostering good food, a spirit of community, and environmental stewardship. Our ultimate goal is to leave our world just a little better than how we found it. Join us on our journey!
All the farms involved in the Maryland Lamb Co-op commit your raising our sheep in a manner that will leave our farms better for the next generation then when we became stewards of them. We practice intensive rotational grazing, cover crops, and multi species grazing with an emphasis on soil health. Our focus is having farms that we can share, open land for our children, wildlife habitat and conservation and providing humanely raised meats sourced from animals allowed to fully express natural behaviours. We love what we do and want to share that joy and that bounty with our customers.