Bee Green Apiaries
Contact: Ruth Williams
Address: 1529 Terra Rosa Avenue Longmont, CO, 80501
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Phone: 773-562-9987
About Us
I keep my bees on organic farms in Northern Baltimore County, many of whom are selling their produce on this site. I am a one-woman operation at the moment, but I hope to expand in the near future. By buying locally-produced raw honey, you are getting the benefit of local pollen and supporting the honey bees which have been dying off at alarming rates. You also help support the effort by small farmers to breed locally-sustainable bees, that one day, perhaps, will be able to survive on their own.
I sell pure, raw honey, produced in Maryland, that has not been heated or processed. I keep my bees as naturally as possible, meaning that I don't put anything into the hive that I wouldn't put in my mouth. This method of beekeeping is extra labor intensive, but I believe it results in a better product, a better environment, and a step along the way to breeding a locally sustainable bee.